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  1. IJM COLOUR is high quality interior paint, available in more than 80 shades. The paint is rich in pigment and, according to the professional painters, is very easy to work with. The colours are selected by artist and set designer Frank Visser, and cover various colour stories that he tells with images, paintings and sets. High quality needs time and care: we take our time to help you select the colours. When you know the colour for your house, the paint is prepared and can be picked up at Dreamboat after 3 workdays. We also ship, within the EU.

    All paint sale is final sale

    Good to know:
    • delivery time: 3 workdays, pick up at Dreamboat or shipped
    • you can select the colour at Dreamboat, and we are more than happy to help you select the best colour or colours
    • we sell sample pots of a selection of the colours, so you can first test it in your home. The samples are only available in wall paint

    IJM Colour is available in every regular interior paint quality, such as:

    Wall paint in a very matte, powdery finishing. Water based, high coverage, even finish, dries quickly, Apply two layers for the best result. Cover newly plastered walls first with wall primer

    2,5 liter/3 kilo: 20m2 (1 layer) - 9-12m2 (2 layers)
    5 liter/6 kilo: 40m2
    10 liter/12 kilo: 80m2
    price: 2,5 liter/3 kilo = € 69

    Waterproof wall paint with a subtle, satin gloss. Acrylic base, easy to wipe clean, can be used inside and outside the house, like kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and other areas that are used intensively. Washable, wipe able, scrub proof. Apply two layers for the best result. Cover newly plastered walls first with primer

    1 liter: 9- 12 m2 (1 layer) - 4-6m2 (2 layers)
    price: 1 liter = € 49

    Satin Finish Wood Paint
    Water based, for wood inside the house. Scuff resistant. low on odor. For furniture, tables, cabinets, window frames and doors. Apply two layers for the best result. Cover new wood/material with a matching primer

    1 liter:10- 12 m2 (1 layer), 5-6m2 (2 layers)
    price: 1 liter = € 59

    Water based primer and first layer for wood, synthetic material, metal, and tiles, for inside and outside the house. Quick drying time. To use on bare wood, PVC, Trespa, and glazed tiles, steel, and stainless steel
    Coverage: 1 liter: 9-10 m2 (1 layer), 4-5m2 (2 layers)
    price: 1 liter = € 59

    Satin Gloss Floor Paint
    Scuff free floor paint based on turpentine, for wooden or concrete floors and stairs
    Washable and wipe able. Dilute first layer with 5-10% turpentine, then apply two more layers
    Coverage: 1 liter 7-8m2 (1 layer)
    price: 1 liter = € 69

    Other qualities like High Gloss Wood Paint on request